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Eraser Tour 2023

Nothing can turn back time or stop its inexorable forward march, but music can always be relied upon to make that journey more pleasant. LONG DISTANCE CALLING have been expressing the ineffable for 16 years, plowing their mainly instrumental furrow with the skill and dexterity of true sonic artists.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Long Distance Calling
Martin Großmann

From the crisp and infectious post-rock of their early albums, as in the seminal debut Satellite Bay (2007) and the classic, multi-faceted follow-up Avoid The Light (2009), to the increasingly polished, adventurous and genre-bending albums Trips (2016) and Boundless (2018), the Münster-based quartet - guitarists David Jordan and Florian Füntmann, bassist Jan Hoffman and drummer Janosch Rathmer - has become a modern benchmark for imaginative, progressive and proudly eccentric heavy (and not so heavy) music.

With their reputation as a formidable and dynamic live band, due in no small part to numerous European tours and high-profile festival appearances, LONG DISTANCE CALLING have been building toward something of a crescendo in their skills and capabilities for some time now.

In 2020, despite not being able to tour, the band released their seventh and most compelling album to date, How Do We Want To Live? A complicated but deeply satisfying conceptual work that shows the continuous expansion of LONG DISTANCE CALLING's sound and received much praise for it. Unable to get their new music out to the people directly this time, they decided instead to throw themselves into the creative process again with gusto.

The end result of all this creativity is surely destined to become one of the great progressive records of the year. LONG DISTANCE CALLING's eighth album is titled Eraser: an immediate and heartfelt tribute to the gradual erosion of nature by man.

Released on August 26, 2022, Eraser is dedicated to the world's endangered species, with each song representing a specific creature facing extinction.

The first single Kamilah honors the gorilla with a wildly dynamic journey through blissful, shimmering post-rock vistas, urgent and muscular metallic crescendos, and a deeply melodic and melancholic conclusion.

Sweeping, progressive and endlessly inventive, Eraser is unmistakably another high point in the career of these passionate, musical individualists.

When a worldwide pandemic threatened to throw LONG DISTANCE CALLING off track, they put their energy into new music, writing their best album yet.

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