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Since its founding in 1824, the Berlin Association of Architects and Engineers has been close to the state, but non-partisan. However, immediately after the Nazis came to power in 1933, the club made a drastic change.

A party official was elected chairman, and at least 83 Jewish and politically unpopular members were expelled. Five years later, the association was officially incorporated into the NSDAP as the “Berlin Gau Department of the Construction Department in the NS Association of German Technology”. After the end of the war, the club was initially dissolved and finally re-admitted in 1950.

Based on the club's history, the biographies of the actors and the results of the Schinkel competition that was held until the last, the exhibition deals with the depressing process of adaptation, participation and profit-taking, even after 1945.

Another aspect of this story is the close personal ties between the association and the technical college/university. In 1953, many of the sources from which the exhibition draws, including the association's library and its drawings archive, became the property of the TU.

The exhibition and the exhibition catalog were therefore created as a joint research project between the AIV and the Architecture Museum. As part of the exhibition, four other building culture associations (ARL, BDA, DASL and Werkbund Berlin) present their examination of their own Nazi past.

The project was supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion as part of the promotion of contemporary history and remembrance projects.
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