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Support: La Terrorista del sabor

Bored with the punk rock scene, the musicians decided to take a completely different path and dedicate themselves to cumbia. What started out as a beer whim led to the formation of the band in the summer of 2007.

They describe their reinterpretation of Latin American heartache and macho poses paired with their very own wild party style as 1000% Tropipunk, a wild mix of Afro-Cuban and South American cumbia influences, queerness and punk spirit that is also not lacking in political messages.

Las Kumbia Queers manage to build an incomparable relationship with their audience at every concert, the concerts are a give and take, a moment of great liberation and joy. Las Kumbia Queers have tirelessly rocked stages all over the world in the last 10 years: in Latin America where they are "la ultima moda" (the latest fashion), but also at European festivals like TFF Rudolstadt, Juicy Beats, Fusion Festival, Africa Caribbean, Colours of Ostrava Festival (CZ), Festival Chico Tropico, Rio Babel (ESP), Festival Mundial, Milkshake Festival (NL), Caliente! Festival de la Cité Lausanne (CH), Sumarscen, Urkult Festival (SWE), Boomtown (GB) and several more. Fresh and danceable and as always with a lot of heart and soul!

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Mobility restrictions for visitors:
The main entrance has three steps. Wheelchair users can be admitted via the side entrance. Thresholds there are less than 1cm and can also be easily overcome by heavy electric wheelchairs. This entrance has to be unlocked during events, which our colleagues at the door are happy to do. We ask for a little patience if the situation is not right, but you will usually be given preferential treatment.
In the SO36 itself there are almost no barriers, apart from two small thresholds on the fire doors, also under 1 cm.

There is a wheelchair-accessible toilet, the key is available at the counter or at the cash register/door.
Accompanying persons have free entry.
If you are going to a concert, you can also request a platform with a ramp. If it's somehow feasible, we'll set it up in a spot with a good view. Please let the office know about a week in advance (by phone on 030/61401306 or by email to