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Luanda Casella / NTGent

The quizmaster on Luanda Casella’s live TV show is a real killjoy. As in the text “A Killjoy Manifesto” by Sara Ahmed, the term here stands for feminist figures who denounce injustice and violence, deliberately causing discomfort.

Using multiple-choice questions, Casella exposes patriarchal violence and its omnipresence in everyday life. Gradually, the superficial fun of the TV show gives way to a thought experiment, a more rigorous but productive exercise. There’s one thing that’s clear: the brief, quiz-like “a, b or c” answers can hardly do justice to a complex world.

Nevertheless, the participants of the fictitious “KillJoy Quiz” try to collect points by answering the questions “correctly”. But what does the score really say about someone’s knowledge? So the “KillJoy Quiz” is not about the points – it’s about the dialogue. Because words are powerful and rhetoric is a weapon.

(English / With German surtitles)

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Participating artists
Yolanda Mpelé (Darstellende)
Lindah Nyirenda (Darstellende)
Luanda Casella (Darstellende)
Maïmouna Rachels (Gesang)
Timia Van der Linden (Gesang)
Helena Casella (Gesang)
Luanda Casella (Konzept, Regie und Text)
Sébastien Hendrickx (Dramaturgie)
Felix Fasolt (Szenografie)
Dennis Diels (Lichtgestaltung)
Pablo Casella (Komposition)
Lucius Romeo-Fromm (Betreuung und Choreographie)
Kahil Janssens (Grafikdesign und Satz Projektionen)
Greet Prové (Produktionsleitung)
Pieter Nys (Technisches Team Produktion)
Jan Van Ooteghem (Technische Unterstützung)
Kostümatelier NTGent (Realisierung Kostüme)
Dekoratelier NTGent (Bühnenbild)
Felix Fasolt (Bühnenbild)