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Installation on the tower of the church Am Hohenzollernplatz

With an X, something is usually marked, both in a positive and negative sense. Something is highlighted and chosen, but on the other hand it is also excluded, closed and barricaded.

If these cross-connections are looked at more closely, they are two bars coming from different directions. They meet in the middle and form a unity of opposing positions. In the cross, the two divergent forces seem to merge, to bring themselves into a balance and equality and to unite effortlessly into a symmetry.

  • But what happens when this balance gets out of joint?
  • What happens when forces of equal strength are no longer held in the middle?
  • How much force is needed to keep the balance to some extent?
  • How long does the stabilising effect of the cross remain?
  • What does such a cross symbolise?
  • What happens when one direction tilts, does the other also fall?
These and other questions arise when the cross is arranged asymmetrically. Many questions that can be directly applied to everyday life.
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