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"This Time Next Year" was the name of Kid Kapichi's first album. But already after eleven months the second longplayer followed with the programmatic title "Here's What You Could Have Won".  Not a concept album, but one with a common musical thread. The eleven new songs go straight into the ear.

Kid Kapichi
Kid Kapichi © Andy Ford

Kid Kapichi, the quartet from Hastings draws, typically British, its musical motivation from the social reality of their homeland. Already in the 1960s, in Punk, in New Wave and in Britpop, anger with smug commentary was the impetus to produce loud and angry music. Kid Kapichi shake and shake the listeners with their violent sound. At the same time, however, the talent for melody and harmony can be heard in every song.

It has long been known that Kid Kapichi concerts have particularly strong moments. In February, thanks to them, it will be a little louder again in Berlin.

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Astra Kulturhaus - Badehaus Berlin (RAW-Gelände)