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Christmas baroque music with Reinhard Goebel and the Karajan Academy.

This year Reinhard Goebel and the Karajan Academy set the musical mood for the upcoming Christmas - with baroque music from Italy, France and Germany.

You can hear sonorous rarities, but also the Sinfonia from Bach's Christmas Oratorio and the famous "Christmas Concerto" by Arcangelo Corelli.

The Karajan Academy's collaboration with Reinhard Goebel is a success story. For many years, the ensemble's scholarship holders have benefited from the experience and passion of the conductor, who is one of the pioneers and leading figures of the early music movement.

Works performed:

  • Johann Joachim Quantz - Pastoral in G major
  • Johann David Heinichen - Pastorale per la notte di Natale
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Christmas Oratorio BWV 248, Part II: Sinfonia
  • Giuseppe Torelli - Concerto grosso in G minor op. 8 No. 6
  • Arcangelo Corelli - Concerto grosso in G minor op. 6 No. 8 "Christmas Concerto
  • Pietro Antonio Locatelli - Concerto grosso in F minor op. 1 No. 8 Marc-Antoine Charpentier Noël pour les instruments

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