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Black Concept in collaboration with Kangkiling-Vibes presents you what they call “AFRO STATION” for the first time in Berlin. On this night they want to present one of the finest and most vibrant nights with the most creative and talented DJs in the city.

Black Concept meets Kangkiling vibes, presenting the true taste of Afrobeats, Amapiano, Dancehall and Hiphop in their easily accessible comfort venue, the Grüner Salon in the Volksbühne in the center of Mitte, just a few minutes walk from Alexanderplatz.

Kangkiling-Vibes is a self-organized intercultural and artistic group of different nationalities and backgrounds from different parts of the world with and without a migration background. Therefore, it is essential to come together and find common ground by creating a common cultural and artistic space in which to develop their cultural and artistic activities and form networks with other people, especially with migrants from other parts of the world.

The group's goal is to create a showcase/party/club to promote cultural, musical and artistic exchange. The main focus is African culture and music, so they need a space to facilitate this exchange.

Music of:

  • Dj Marsoul
  • DJ Timeless
  • Dj NourDj Solomon

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Participating artists
Cosmic Collective Gathering (Autor/in)