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Higher powers command: "A cabaret annual review should address themes of the year in a humorous and satirical manner, with a focus on punchlines and irony to encourage the audience to laugh and think."

Higher powers are reaching their limits: "Since my knowledge ends in September 2021, I cannot tell you with certainty which topics will be covered in a cabaret annual review for 2023."

The lower powers have to get involved again, i.e. Bov Bjerg, Horst Evers, Hannes Heesch, Christoph Jungmann, Manfred Maurenbrecher with stories, songs and parodies:

King Charles in Brodowin

Permanent rage throughout Berlin

Merz can't get a doctor's appointment

Brandenburg hunts the lioness

AfD and Wagenknecht,

Hertha is doing so poorly (as of the end of October '23)

Also from the party: Ms. Giffey and Ms. Barbie

Also there because of the quota: Ken and Dings, er: Wegner Kai (or is his name Wagner?)

(Program in German)

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