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Jorinde and Joringel loves Joringel loves Jorinde loves... yes, nice! But only when hearts break does love become great; only fear and pain of irreparable loss teaches it to be appreciated. A fairy tale, finely woven from poetic stammering, from love, madness, death, delight and magic, grips our hearts with a cold hand until it finally remains silent forever with a desolate, sore sigh. Anyone who thinks there is no more room for romantic feelings is wrong! Jorinde loves Joringel: and only when they have died do they love them forever.

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For 15 years, the Hexenbergensemble has been humbly wandering through the Grimm Magic Forest in the trail of crumbs left by Hansel and Gretel. We search for the most bizarre, the most terrible, the most beautiful fairy tale and encounter death, the devil and enchanted princesses. The best, the grimmest, the fairy tale of all fairy tales has not yet been told.

But most of them are very shy of the stage. And they do the devil to force them into the spotlight using artifice. Because on the Hexenberg the fairy tales are allowed to stage themselves, they just submissively follow their airs and graces. They don't tell them, the fairy tales play with them and lead them to the depths of their archaic subculture.

And so they are determined to do this again for their audience this season and lure them astray with desire.

Entry from 14 years.