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Reading and conversation with Stefanie Gerhold and PD Dr. Anna Dorothea Ludewig

In 2024 the 100th anniversary of the exhibition of Nefertiti will be celebrated in Berlin. The Jewish patron James Simon played an essential role in the excavation and exhibition of Nefertiti. Together with the guests, we get to know this interesting contemporary of Max Liebermann.

Kick-off event for “Max Liebermann and Jewish life in Berlin”

Author Stefanie Gerhold will read from her recently published novel “The Queen’s Smile” (Galiani Verlag) and report on her research into James Simon. The literary scholar PD Dr. Anna-Dorothea Ludewig (Moses Mendelssohn Center for European-Jewish Studies in Potsdam) will provide insight into her work on Jewish collectors and patrons.

Moderation: Dr. Lucy Wasensteiner

Admission: €10.00
Admission from 6 p.m

Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Jewish Life in Germany and the Fight Against Anti-Semitism.