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The Dorf

  • Marie Daniels – vocals
  • Oona Kastner – vocals, keyboard
  • Martin Verborg – violin
  • Ludger Schmidt – cello
  • Maria Trautmann, Moritz Anthes, Adrian Prost – trombone
  • Markus Türk - trumpet
  • Florian Walter – woodwinds
  • Shabnam Parvaresh – clarinet
  • Serge Corteyn, Christian Hammer, Raissa Mehner – guitars Oliver Siegel – synthesizer
  • Gilda Razani – theremin
  • Achim Zepezauer – electronics
  • Stefan Kirchhoff – prepared guitar
  • Johannes Nebel – basses
  • Marvin Blamberg, Simon Camatta – drums
  • Jan Klare – air movement, composition
The season will conclude with none other than the avant-garde jazz big band collective The Dorf, an oversized Ruhr music collective under the direction of saxophonist Jan Klare. When the group performed last year, it had 25 members. This year the number will be the same, but the faces will probably be different, as the group works in such a way that of the approximately 80 musicians in the collective, the concerts are limited to a maximum of 25 each.There are many possibilities for musical chaos - in a positive sense! - with a group of this size and the musicians are not afraid of it. As their website says, The Dorf combines krautrock, utopian beats, noise with jazz, improvisation, punk and new music. This wild combo makes every performance captivating and dynamic - it can even get quite loud! A tour of their discography reveals the depth and breadth of the group's music, from the rocking big-band sounds of their first albums to noise-laden epics to a concept album in which an AI is brought to life to a 46-minute drone piece to their latest work, a "radio play for a bad detective".