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Same Streets But I Don't See You Around Tour 2023

Jasmine Jethwa makes peppy, folky acoustic pop songs with a full voice that is bursting with emotion. Their varied sound palette between acoustic guitar, electronic sounds, dancing rhythms and fluently told stories stands for the different sources of inspiration.

Somewhere between the old heroes like Tracy Chapman, Dido, Gipsy Kings or The Eagles, and their love for R'n'B and the Fontaines D.C. as well as the Hindi songs of the Bollywood films, lie their roots. The South Londoner grew up between Western and Indian cultures.

“I feel like they got into my psyche. And I'm obsessed with any kind of acoustic guitar that's played well."

Although she can't play the instrument herself, she often works with various songwriters to ensure that the guitar is always a focal point in her tracks.

Jasmine Jethwa

In 2020, Jethwa released her debut EP, Hurricane, to critical acclaim from BBC Introducing, Clash, gal-dem, The Independent and more.

In April her second EP "Same Streets But I Don't See You Around" was released with five more tracks, and in November Jasmine Jethwa is coming to Berlin for the first time.

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