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Literatur LIVE

Christmas, Christmas Eve. Probably the quietest day of the year in Prague. In his story, Jaroslav Rudiš travels through the metropolis on the Vltava. He tells of the river and the many old bridges and of life in the shadow of the Hradschin, the largest castle complex in the world.

It's snowing and the wind is freezing cold. The streets are empty. And yet they are full of old and new stories and encounters. Rudiš keeps coming back to inns whose names sound like a tour of a zoo: The Black Ox, The Hippopotamus, The Two Cats, The Deer and The Golden Tiger. Here he meets his friends. Then he goes on and also meets those who have already left us. Among them Kafka, Hašek and Hrabal. And then he meets a lonely man who is waiting for the Christmas miracle with a carp in a large pickle jar in the restaurant Zum Ausgeschossenen Auge. To his wife and to the Christ child with the presents.

On his Christmas walk, Rudiš is accompanied by his best friend Jaromír 99, who illustrated this magical and tragi-comic walk through snowy Prague.

Writer Jaroslav Rudiš and comic artist and musician Jaromír 99 are pretty much best friends from Prague. They met each other more than twenty years ago in the bar Zum Ausshotenen Augen. Her graphic novel Alois Nebel was also created in the legendary pub in Prague's Žižkov working-class district. They drank a lot of beers together, Rudiš wrote, Jaromir drew 99. This is how they often work to this day.

The two make comic strips and music together. They founded the band Jaromír 99 & The Bomber and then the Kafka Band in 2013, which deals musically with the work of the Prague author Franz Kafka. Jaromír 99 sings in Czech, Rudiš in German.

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