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When Jan, the magic imp, learns that Greybeard, the good magician, has a goblin's wand for repair, he sneaks into his magic room and illegally tries out the wand.

But Graubart notices and gives Jan a task as punishment. He is to tidy up the good magician's magic room. Angered by the punishment, Jan starts cleaning up. With the help of magic he tries to complete his task faster, but all sorts of things go wrong. When he then almost frees the genie in a bottle, the disaster takes its course.

Suitable for people over 5 years old

Edith's Midsummer Night's Dream

Ades Zabel and the BKA are presenting another special edition of Edith's Midsummer Night's Dream, the annual, cult open air by Ades Zabel & Friends in the Hasenheide open-air cinema, as part of the Berlin 2023 Cultural Summer Festival.

At lunchtime, children's programs are presented, in the evening Ades Zabel celebrates a diverse mix show on the big stage with numerous BKA artists.

Free tickets are available from June 16, 2023 directly in the BKA presale or by email with the subject "SUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM FOR EVERYONE" to
Attention, you will receive a maximum of 2 tickets per person!


Open-air cinema Hasenheide • Volkspark Hasenheide • Berlin-Neukölln U7 Hermannplatz, U8 Boddinstraße, Bus M29, M41, 171, 344, 194 Access:
Hasenheide opposite Jahnstraße, Hermannstraße/Karlsgartenstraße or
Columbiadamm opposite Columbiabad

As part of the CULTURAL SUMMER Berlin 2023
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