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She is drag queen, young, talented, stylish and a powerful singer. With her smoky timbre, subtle hip swing and jazzy sounds Jade Pearl Baker bewitches her audience.

Jade Pearl Baker
Jade Pearl Baker © Jaycap Photography

After two newcomer shows on the foyer stage and two concerts with band in the big hall, Jade Pearl Baker enters the night track and presents a nightclub once a month on the intimate stage in the BKA foyer. 

The BKA foyer becomes a bathing temple. Jade Pearl Baker takes a public bath with unusual bath additives, lots of music and suddenly appearing surprise guests - a live~talk~LateNight~concert~suit. And because the bathroom in Dita Von Teese's oversized martini glass is occupied, Jade Pearl Baker's bath is more classic and she simply baths in a tub.

The hardest #LIVE #TALK #LATENIGHT #Concert #Combi ever!

(Program in German)

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