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An exhibition about the right to exist

Icons is an exhibition of portraits of famous icons and archetypes that everyone knows or can identify with. The images show universal dreams and the desire to be part of pop culture, art or society.

However, these icons are portrayed by people who were rarely, if ever, allowed to appear, even though they were always there. The 21 models from all over Sweden have many things in common: dreams, feelings and Down syndrome.

This exhibition is about more than photography.
It's about the right to be and be seen, no matter who you are. Everyone needs an icon or role model that we can identify with. The dreams of these models belong to everyone - because who has never dreamed of being a queen, an actor, a policeman or a mother?

Icons is a production of Fotografiska Stockholm, one of the world's largest centers for contemporary photography with branches in New York, Shanghai and soon Berlin, among others. The exhibition is a collaboration between Pär Johansson, director of Glada Hudik Theater of people with and without disabilities, photographer Emma Svensson and costume designers Linda Sandberg and Helena Andersson.

Images that change the world in the foyer

At the same time, the Swedish Institute's exhibition Images that change the world opens in the Felleshus foyer. It examines norms and stereotypes in images that appear daily in advertising and the media.

Admission is free!
Additional information
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 13.00-19.00
Sat, Sun & public holiday 11.00-16.00


Access to Felleshus is at ground level, there is an elevator in the house as well as a wheelchair accessible toilet.