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With the support of the organ support association, the vocalensemble.tempelhof presents a thought concert that celebrates the concrete and utopian potential of the human and fundamental rights formulated at the time.

Composer and choir director Matthias Witting wrote twelve motets for 5-part choir, organ (Christoph Wilcken) and piano for this concert. The text is based on articles of the Basic Law and the UN Declaration.

The motets, which lie somewhere between pop and chamber music, are connected by texts that go beyond the spontaneous associations of current world events, performed by the actress Eva Blum and the actor Mirko Böttcher. Quotes, literary and satirical texts, everyday reports and interviews look at individual aspects of human and fundamental rights and comment on the ambivalence between postulated ideals and social reality.

Matthias Witting (piano, composer), vocal-ensemble.tempelhof, Christoph Wilcken (organ), Eva Blum and Mirko Böttcher (speaker)

Admission is free, but donations are requested to cover event costs.
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