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For the first time, the Prodacapo team is appearing in the Ballhaus Wedding to take a different look at the worries and hardships of the upper and lower classes in elegant and comical plays from the late 19th century, reviving the Schmalzstullentheater old Berlin with old popular hits and let the parallels to today flash. The first performance is the "theater excavation" honeymoon - of course in proper style with lard sandwich and sour gherkin. Be our guests and let yourself be carried away to the Berlin of the Imperial Era in the typical salon atmosphere. After their wedding, a young couple retreats to their honeymoon on a country estate in the Brandenburg area. The wife wishes that this would last forever, also to keep her husband away from the hustle and bustle of Berlin. Fortunately, there is still the best friend who is supposed to save the poor husband. Real original Berlin theater. with Anna Drengk, Ludwig Drengk, Robert Bittner and Henrike Sophie Meuche.