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Nature in the Cold War

The mysterious action month in Berlin's green museum district of Steglitz-Zehlendorf: special tours, workshops, and behind-the-scenes looks - all free of charge, all in the green, and only from October 1 to 31 in the houses of the Kulturkorso.

In October, get to know the Allied Museum from its greenest side. Learn how Berlin's winter weather nearly caused the Airlift to fail, explore the unspoiled nature of the inter-Korean border, and discover what a spy tunnel had to do with an apple orchard.

The tour is free of charge. Binding registration at or (030)81 81 99 96 is requested.

Meeting point: Cafeteria, Nicholson Memorial LibraryTranslated with DeepL
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Meeting point: Nicholson Memorial Library, Cafeteria

Booking: The tour is free of charge. A binding registration at or (030)81 81 99 96 is requested.