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With tailcoat, charm and top hat, this musical revue from Berlin celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Casanova Society Orchestra.

The twenties are called golden. They stand for a time when everything has been there before: mass media, dancing, catchy tunes, financial crisis (in that order) - everything like today, only better and: For the first time!

The best light music of all times came from the pens of Grothe, Holländer and the Kollos on this side of the pond and Gershwin and Whiteman on the other.

And Andreas Holzmann and the CASANOVA SOCIETY ORCHESTRA bring it back. With everything that gilded the music back then: Versatile arrangements, virtuoso musical long-distance journeys and comical to melancholic lyrics.

What were the twenties? What are they for us today?

Answers to these questions lie between the lines of songs like "Veronika, der Lenz ist da", "Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus" or Puttin on the Ritz. Or the performers of these evergreens make their very own rhyme with them in the here and now:

While Andreas Holzmann as the charming boss not only has his hat on, but also his tailcoat on, Sonja Firker shines on the violin. As a modern woman, however, she has quite different views on conquering and being conquered than he does. The fact that she also loves to sing and that he, of all people, can play the violin, leads to other questions coming to the fore among colleagues, for example, who actually plays the first violin here. 

Speaking of colleagues: The CASANOVA SOCIETY ORCHESTRA delights with tango, paso doble, rumba, foxtrot and waltz in arrangements perfectly tailored to the instrumentation and spectacular instrument changes in the style of the Weintraub Syncopaters. The consistently excellent musicians can and want to do much more than just accompany, so the CASANOVA SOCIETY ORCHESTRA presents many other ingenious surprises with a yodeling vocal trio and a Comedian Harmonists interlude.

(program in German)

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