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During the season, the children's club and the youth club explore in the afternoons, under the guidance of artists and educators, how individual and collective ideas can be transformed into a concrete production!

This year we are looking at the theme of happiness. What does it take to be happy? Can we ever be happy or are we always driven on? Where do we look for happiness and is it our own fault if we don't find it? And what does happiness sound like?

The children's club is for everyone between the ages of 9 and 12, the youth club for everyone between the ages of 13 and 18 who wants to be on stage and has the time and desire to develop a musical theatre piece together!
Additional information
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Participating artists
Ghizi Gascho (Künstlerische Leitung Kinderprojekt)
Charlie Rackwitz (Künstlerische Leitung Kinderprojekt)
Kristina Stang (Künstlerische Leitung Jugendprojekt)
Nina Rotner (Musikalische Leitung)
Ariane Leonie Stamatescu (Bühne, Kostüme)
Nelody Ahlroth (Choreografie)
Elias Thurow (Assistenz)