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"It’s crazy how you start hoping that someone will die. Give up. Let go. Go ahead and do it. Go ahead and leave. It’s fine. We’ll manage. We’ll manage without you. It was a mistake."
A cemetery. Two people. A mutual past, a mutual loss and a ten-year separation.

Silence. "He" and "she" meet again to transfer a grave. Poison has supposedly leaked from a nearby factory, making it necessary to rebury the deceased. In the meantime, the man and woman reflect on their life together that has also been shifted and reburied since it petered out, tunelessly and tonelessly, one New Year's Eve. What has become of him? And of her? Of her grief, her life? Who has him or herself to blame? The scenes of this reunion oscillate somewhere between a payoff and an entente, comfort and grief, intimacy and toughness. It is the portrait of a couple whose joint fate seems to be over – and yet who have to go through it all one more time in the hope of starting another life, after their life together.

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by Lot VekemansDirector: Christian Schwochow
Participating artists
Christian Schwochow (Regie)
Anne Ehrlich (Bühne)
Pauline Hüners (Kostüme)
John von Düffel (Dramaturgie)
Dagmar Manzel (SIE)
Ulrich Matthes (ER)