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Fairy tale - really grim!

Grim Reaper

Gevatter Tod
Gevatter Tod Daniel Wetzel

One thing is certain: Death always comes. And it cannot be outwitted. Anyone who tries, however, will have to deal with it - the end. A fairy tale in which the boundaries between good and evil, life and death become blurred. What is the essence of what we call life? Love? Deception? And what happens when we go against the forces that hold our world together? There is no herb against death.


One thinks that fairy tales are "told". But it is just the other way around: Fairy tales are nasty, autonomous parasites and they shamelessly help themselves to us. At the outermost edge of tangible reality, they stare at us as if through a Venetian half-mirror. Their animalistic lustful voyeurism creates goosebumps and pulls us into their abysses, like into a black hole. Everything blurs: Is this the reality in which We live?

The performance is suitable for ages 18 and up.

(Program in German)
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Pfefferberg - Theater