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Siblings. The people who know you best. They represent the longest relationships in life – they live in a kind of parallel timeline to one’s own. And that can mean either good fortune or utter ruin. Beginning with the biblical siblings, to the siblings in classical texts – whose relationships are used to discuss societal conflicts – through the dogma of the family in the 19th century with its hermetic nature, to contemporary analyses in which the entire range of sibling relationships is laid bare.

The metaphorical and ideological use of sibling motifs always takes place in a political context, in the tension between the state and the individual.

Must traditional rituals, images and traditions step aside to enable reconciliation?

Following Ersan Mondtag’s exploration of the disclosure of constructions of community in many of his works, he’s now dealing with a new form of siblinghood, one which can emerge from even the worst fractures. 

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By Ersan Mondtag & Ensemble
Participating artists
Ariane Andereggen
David Bennent
Falilou Seck
Tina Keserovic
Lea Draeger
Sema Poyraz
Yanina Cerón
Ersan Mondtag
Josa Marx
Valerie Göhring