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Big Brother is watching you - more than 70 years ago George Orwell wrote this science fiction thriller about the destruction of a human being by a totalitarian surveillance state.

Winston Smith doubts this system, he hates it, and that alone is a thought crime, his death sentence, and he knows it. But suddenly something completely unexpected happens to him: he falls in love. But can he really trust Julia? Isn't she a member of the thought police after all?

Uwe Neumann is Winston Smith in the Kanttheater Berlin version, Anette Daugardt slips into the roles of the antagonists, the lovers, the thought police. Two chairs and a trombone are enough to show the equally fascinating and frightening intellectual core of this classic negative utopia in all its threatening topicality.

  • By and with Anette Daugardt and Uwe Neumann
(Language: German)
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