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Gasometer EUREF-Campus
Gasometer EUREF-Campus © visitBerlin, Foto: SSw

Gasometer Tour

The Schöneberger Gasometer on the EUREF campus offers the best free view over Berlin.

Gasometer Schöneberg

EUREF-Campus 17 10829  Berlin

Gasometer Schöneberg - Eingang

EUREF-Campus 17 10829  Berlin

It is the only open-air gasometer in the world that invites you to climb at an altitude of almost 80 meters.

We show small groups (maximum 9 guests, from 12 years) with a complete round the city from above. If you are dizzy and have no altitude, you can climb the 78 m high industrial monument, the gasometer, as part of a guided tour. Our guide will guide you safely over the 420 steps to the top ring of the gasometer and inspire with many small stories around the industrial monument. If you are also interested in seeing Berlin from a bird's perspective, please contact our guide using the form below:

Regular dates: The times shift with the sunsets. We tour Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening. Friday and Saturday also in the afternoon. For booking please email us (

Please be aware of our short therm changes of dates due to the weather!

It is best to have more than one desired times, as our small groups are often fast-booked.

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