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Texts by Bertolt Brecht with music by Hanns Eisler and others

"Stranger than the Moon" interweaves musical pieces by Eisler and others with poetry and Brecht's autobiographical prose to create a musical fragmentary life narrative.

Singer and actress KATHARINE MEHRLING is well known to Berlin audiences through her numerous performances at the Komische Oper Berlin and the Bar jeder Vernunft. In "Stranger than the Moon" she can now be experienced for the first time, together with Paul Herwig, at the Berliner Ensemble.

  • Language: German

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Participating artists
Texte von Bertolt Brecht mit Musik von Hanns Eisler u.a. (Autor/in)
Katharine Mehrling
Paul Herwig
Oliver Reese
Adam Benzwi
Hansjörg Hartung
Elina Schnizler
Andreas Deinert
Steffen Heinke
Leslie Unger
Lucien Strauch