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"Alles ist alles" is the name of the 5th record by Freddy Fischer & His Cosmic Rocktime Band and thus beautifully describes the unifying but never egalitarian idea of disco, a music genre that manages the feat of swearing everyone to a pounding beat and yet letting them float on it.

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On "Alles ist alles," the band, now operating as a trio, manages to come very close to their punchy, danceable live sound while still sounding almost chamber music-like at times. It has also become their most narrative record. So the discotheque remains a place of longing, but this time it is concretely located "between department store and McDonald's stairs down...". Its meaning, however, is still to tear open the borders of everyday life and to become a part of everything in the moment of dance. Then love is not far away, of course still the force that holds everything together here and to which not only "My most beautiful song" is sung.

Disco-Chanson you could say, which combines the groovy introversion of Bill Withers with the more artful moments of Udo Jürgens. And in the almost experimental "Traum 1" even a lampchop-like phrasing sounds. Freddy Fischer with Fender-Rhodes organ and various synths , Ron Rocktime on bass and Ritchie Rocktime on drums move very close together this time and tell of the darkness of pain and the possibility of resolving it. Sometimes serious and universal, sometimes whimsically silly and concrete like in "Bumtchicke" and sometimes rough and spherical at the same time, like in the last track of the record "Silberne Wege" where the band catapults itself into space with the help of free-swinging synth surfaces on a tripping groove.

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