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Contraception is political: these power structures are responsible for global contraceptive injustice. Equal contraception now!

Portrait von Franka Frei
Portrait von Franka Frei Random House – Tibor Bozi

It takes at least two to have children. Contraception, however, is a "women's issue" worldwide, with all the associated financial costs, physical and psychological side effects that contraceptives such as the birth control pill - still used by almost 50% of women in Germany - have. We see ourselves as modern and equal, but when it comes to contraception, we seem to be stuck in the 1960s: a "male contraceptive pill" is probably the biggest market gap of the 21st century. Trials are being abandoned because of side effects that are part of everyday life for hundreds of millions of women. The culprit is not whiny trial subjects, but an encrusted system that inhibits technological and social progress.

Franka Frei exposes the power structures behind it and calls for a radical rethink, because: Male contraception is not only possible, it is already used thousands of times over. A growing movement sees contraceptive justice not as a feminist luxury demand, but as a long overdue measure that is of extreme political explosiveness in view of high numbers of unwanted pregnancies, ecological crises and the fear of resource scarcity.

An event by Literatur LIVE in cooperation with Goldmann Verlag and Thalia Buchhandlung.

(Program in German)
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