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Landscape is his central theme. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung speaks of Frank Rödel's art as a "portrait of the earth" - and of the meeting of opposing elements in his painting: the confrontation between nature and man. Beauty versus violence and “indifferent, cold, cruel lack of empathy.”

The peculiarity and fascination of Frank Rödel's pictures lies in the ambivalence between his enthusiasm for nature, which is at the same time permeated by melancholy, sadness and pain, and the direct experience of an environment that has been severely damaged and in flux by human civilization.

Frank Rödel is inspired by photographs in his artistic work and uses drones to enable a unique perception of space and an extraordinary view of structures and changes in nature. In both his paintings and his photographs, seascapes and landscapes appear with a sometimes dramatic intensity and wild presence.

Accompanying program:

Frank Rödel – From an expedition to Antarctica
Sat Jan 19, 2024 | Admission from 6 p.m
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