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It´s a wonderful life, Director: Frank Capra, USA 1646

One Christmas Eve, George Bailey loses his courage to face life. An angel appears and shows him how his small town of Bedford Falls would be if it weren't for him. World War II homecoming actor James Stuart and director Frank Capra made their comeback with this film adaptation of an unknown Christmas tale. 

Filmausschnitt "Ist das Leben nicht schön?"
Filmausschnitt "Ist das Leben nicht schön?" Swashbuckler Films

At the time, in 1946, the flick was a failure, (its criticism of capitalism even got it into the FBI's sights), but decades later it experienced a furious rise as the quintessential Christmas movie, thanks to several television broadcasts.

A film about decency, love and the power of cohesion, sentimental to the point of tears and yet instructive. No one can completely escape its magic.

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