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For Christmas, the Hotel Berlin, Berlin is presenting a unique group exhibition that showcases the art and diversity of FKKB members. They are all internationally renowned artists and active in the urban contemporary art scene.

Prepare for an enchanting chaos of extraordinary talent - a creative mix of Christmas party, art exhibition and a festive get-together.

Immerse yourself in the world of the FKKB artists, buy their works, listen to the sounds of the live DJ, enjoy delicious dishes from the Lütze restaurant or simply come by for a drink and mingle with the artists.

Together everyone celebrates creativity, friendship and the festive chaos of the Christmas season.
Additional information
Participating artists
Christian Rothenhagen aka deerBLN
Somari Ptichka
Sophia Malone
Philip Wallisfurth
René Meyer
Andreas Ponto aka CokyOne
Stephan Meissner/ Tape That
Emma Rytoft
Rommy González Mella
Pavlo Yarmolyk
Caro Pepe
Peter Rigney
Dino Richter
Jim Avignon