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fairy tales - really grim

They used to live in an old hut and couldn't make any progress. Yes, where to!? “Mie Fru, Ilsebill doesn’t want it the way I want it?” – something like that couldn’t happen to us. This (very) ancient, twisted, crude fairy tale of greedy insatiability? This is the fairy tale of The Fisherman and his Wife.

Has nothing to do with. But why does everyone feel so touched? What if it were possible: ever further, ever higher, ever bigger! And yet increasingly dissatisfied. When is it time to stop dreaming when suddenly every dream is within your grasp? “Once upon a time…” becomes now and here. Aren't we all a bit Ilsebill?

It was twice. The fairy tale of Hinz & Kunz

Fairytale heroes make dreams come true and become immortal in them. But does anyone remember the second man on the moon? We know: The firstborn inherited the mill, the second the donkey, but the third got the tomcat... and in the end the entire kingdom. But what happened to the guy with the donkey? What happened to the many runners-up in all the fairy tales? Exactly: they were simply forgotten! They are the icing on the cake. The stirrup holders for the later heroes. Because it is precisely they, the eternal runners-up, who brought the famous third parties, the soldiers of fortune, the Sunday children and winners of history to their starting place! Enough! This is no longer acceptable! In the rediscovered fairy tale, author and director Jan Zimmermann opens up a big stage for the forgotten seconds and asks the audience: Aren't we all a little bit second? Where is our happy ending then?! A fairy tale for all of us who didn't become famous, millionaires or both.
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