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hands-on labyrinth, live music and fireworks

With your help, the great fire labyrinth is created: candle by candle, new paths are formed, with each new light the flaming labyrinth grows.

Feel free to bring your own candles or buy them locally.

Also: live music and fireworks over the lake.


6.30 p.m
Julia Toasters and band

7 p.m
Welcome by Johannes Thiem, chairman of the “Friends of the Britzer Garten e.V.” support group.

Story about the magic of lights by Birgit Hägele

7.30 p.m
Fire show with music

8:00 pm
Dances with the Tarantella workshop and LAG dance with the music duo “Kördeböf” and the group “Sórema Sóreta”

Julia Toasters and band

9 p.m
Fire show with music


Collaboration with the Friends of Britzer Garten e.V.
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