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Discourse Evening with Exhibition at the Akademie Mode & Design Berlin

In cooperation with the Academy of Fashion & Design (AMD), invites students and experts to a first sustainable fashion discourse evening.

The theme is: Sustainability!

Innovative approaches will be shown that deal with different challenges of sustainability:

  • such as the transition to circular and transparent supply chains,
  • the use of environmentally friendly dyes,
  • the debunking of greenwashing.

The diversity of the projects shows how big the task still is to make the fashion industry sustainable. This topic is also on the minds of the experts on the podium. They ask:

  • Is the way we deal with fashion today, or with the production and use of clothing, still in keeping with the times?
  • Does it always have to be more, always different and always new?
  • How do fashion, industry and climate catastrophe relate to each other?
  • What about second-hand clothing, once fashion, which floods African markets with cheap goods and destroys local opportunities?
  • What could be done differently?

First, the Ugandan fashion designer Bobby Kolade (connected via Zoom) presents his views, ideas, impressions. He runs his project "Return to Sender" in Kampala. Kolade buys a bale of unsorted second-hand clothes, curates the contents and designs, tailors new individual pieces from these old clothes of the rich industrial nations. These refined pieces are then sold via pop-up stores or online to customers in the Global North: Back to sender!

Martina Mareike Löffler, label founder and specialist for textiles and clothing production, consultant and project developer in the context of Africa projects under contract for the GIZ and German companies, among others.

Then Prof. Dr. Ingo Rollwagen: Cross industry expert, innovation, time and futurologist; since 2015 professorship for General
Management. He works on the digital-sustainable transformation and adaptation of global value and supply chains as well as new challenges of corporate social responsibility.

In addition: Jenica Clocker, graduate of the Master's programme
"Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries" and research associate at AMD - working for many years in the fashion business and as a fashion stylist in Hollywood, now engaged in researching issues around fashion, fashion culture, consumer behaviour and sustainable transformation.


From 4 pm, you can be inspired by the exhibition of student work from the Master's degree programme "Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries".

A panel discussion on the topic will begin at 6 pm. The public is cordially invited to participate in the discussion.


  • Bobby Kolade (Uganda - übe Zoom)
  • Martina Löffler
  • Jenica Clockner
  • Prof. Dr. Ingo Rollwagen
  • Moderated by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Wünsch.

The theme evening is part of the side programme "Climate Images - What We (Can) Know and Anticipate" to the online exhibition #Klima-Bilder, an immersive 3-D exhibition of 38 artists from sub-Saharan Africa with over 70 artworks. The online exhibition is open 24 hours a day from 1 June 2023 to 31 August 2023 and can be found here.

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Admission is free.