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Guided tour followed by a lecture by Dr. Stephan Theilig

The 17th and 18th centuries, especially in Brandenburg and Prussia, were marked by the impact of the conflicts with the Ottoman Empire, but also by its influence.

Thus, in the course of the so-called Turkish Wars, captured trophies and abducted people from the war zones arrived at the courts and residences. Only a few relics, such as isolated entries in church records or documents in archives, bear witness to the lives of these people, who were initially brought to the court as prisoners of war.

The short tour as well as the lecture are intended to make these memories and traditions more tangible at the authentic site of the events.

Dr. Stephan Theilig studied history, Spanish philology and computer science at the University of Potsdam and earned his doctorate at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Among other things, he worked as a scientific guide and museum educator for the German Historical Museum, was scientific director of the Brandenburg-Prussia Museum in Wustrau from 2014-2019, and has been a teacher of history and Spanish at the Oberbarnimschulen Eberswalde campus since 2019. He is vice-director of the Institute for Caucasica, Tatarica and Turkestan Studies (ICATAT). His most recent publication examines the phenomenon of "Turkic baptisms" in German-speaking countries in the early modern period.
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