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After five years, “Noosphere” says goodbye. During this time, the installation has captivated thousands of audiences. It has revealed a world that brings environments and designs to life. It stimulated the imagination of visitors and enabled exploration beyond the ordinary.

Since its installation in 2019, “Noosphere” has stood for the fusion of art, technology and science and offers a glimpse into a future in which architecture and design overcome their traditional boundaries.

As the “Noosphere” is dismantled, the audience will once again celebrate the legacy of this iconic installation and the curiosity it aroused in everyone. Everyone can be there when the Futurium says goodbye to this remarkable installation with a finissage on February 11th from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. As “Noosphere” shows itself to the audience one last time, everyone reflects on the journey of this installation – and the impressions it left behind.

The event will provide insights into the hidden creation and development processes of “Noosphere”. She will delve into the stories and brilliant minds behind this groundbreaking project and learn about the creative and technical achievements that brought the installation to life.

In the spirit of looking forward to the future, the next project will be presented to the audience. The Berlin ATELIER – E will provide exclusive insights into its current work and a preview of the next large installation, which will soon be on display at Futurium.



-> Venue: Lounge Futurium Lab (-1)

-> Event language: English

-> The event is free of charge.


Philip Beesley

RCA FRAIC University Professor, University of Waterloo & Philip BeesleyStudio Inc.

Talk: Noosphere - toward Living Architecture

In this talk, Philip invites us to imagine and explore a world where environments and designs come alive, not as monsters but as fragile and even vulnerable systems. Beesley's artistic practice combines sculpture, advanced robotics, and emerging materials to create immersive structures that can sense their environment, care, and reach out for human contact.

Philip Beesley, a distinguished professor at the University of Waterloo, is pioneering the transformative field of living architecture. His work seeks to imbue buildings with life-like properties, utilizing materials and systems that can think, respond, and care for their inhabitants. Recognized both academically and in popular culture, Beesley's contributions to living architecture are showcased in public installations and exhibitions worldwide.

Beesley's leadership in the Living Architecture Systems Group has fostered a global collaborative network, propelling forward-thinking in architectural practice through innovative materials, responsive design topologies, and interactive interfaces that enable dialogue between humans and responsive environments. His philosophy extends to hands-on community outreach and STEAM education, integrating complex systems thinking with accessible educational initiatives.


Timothy Boll

Design Director LASG Studio

Talk: Living Architecture Design Systems

Timothy Boll will discuss how software and mathematics is used to create Noosphere's massively-replicated systems of immersive, interlinked geometry. Boll will include illustrations of the custom software created by the group including the Living Architecture SystemsDescription (LASD) and Living Architecture Pattern Language (LAPL).

As Design Director at the LASG, Timothy Boll has led the design of immersive, interactive sculpture projects. Timothy’s interests and expertise lie in computational design and interdisciplinary synthesis, especially in the crossover between engineering and design within the studio. His projects include Meander at Tapestry Hall, Cambridge (2019), Amatria at Indiana University 2018), and Nebula Prototype: Liminal Space for the travelling exhibition The Beauty Project. He has led workshops at the Delft University of Technology and the University of Manitoba. His design work for Iris van Herpen collaborations has received global coverage. He has also been involved in speaker and sound design projects in collaboration with 4DSOUND. Timothy holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the State University of New York at Buffalo.


Kevan Cress

Senior Software and Systems Design LASG

Talk: Living Shadows, Noosphere and Beyond

Kevan Cress will present the Living Shadows project, an augmented reality experience that explores the intersection of physical and virtual worlds extending the Noosphere sculpture into a world of possibility. Complex layers of light and shadow overlaid on a physical work, create a constantly-growing and changing virtual world of living architecture that evokes new dream-like dimensions.

A recent graduate of the McEwen and Waterloo Schools of Architecture, Kevan is an architectural designer with a passion for Open Source tool making, interactive installations and small scale design build projects. In his work for the Living Architecture Systems Group, Kevan has helped develop bespoke design tools that integrate with Open-Source platforms like Blender and Godot to facilitate the development of Living Architecture Testbeds. These tools include MeasureIt_ARCH a measurement and documentation toolkit for Blender, the Living Architecture Polygonal Lattice system for developing billowing canopies constructed of regular polygons, and the Living Shadows engine, a toolkit within Godot forcrafting dynamic projected shadow plays.


Daniel Dalfovo

Co-Founder of ATELIER E

Talk: Reimagining Resources: A New Installation at Futurium Lab

Daniel Dalfovo will introduce a the new installation centered on the theme of resources at the Futurium Lab. His talk will offer insights into the innovative approaches and methodologies of ATELIER-E, an interdisciplinary studio for creative technologies founded by media artists Christian Losert and Daniel Dalfovo.

As a co-founder of ATELIER-E, Daniel has established himself at the intersection of art, technology, and research following his studies at the Berlin University of the Arts. His work encompasses audio-visual performances, interactive installations, and aesthetic research, always interacting with and within space. Daniel's creations have been showcased worldwide, resulting from collaborations with renowned artists, research institutes, and design studios. In addition to his creative endeavors, Dalfovo has shared his expertise through teaching at various universities, including in Moscow, Shanghai, and Berlin.


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Meeting point: Lounge Futurium Lab


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