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A moment ago it was hectic and restless, but then the lights go out in the hall and the musicians stream into their seats. Finally, the time has come: the room fills with sound colors, energy and emotion from the first to the last seat. This is the world of classical music.

In the moderated, partly staged family concerts, people from the age of six can get to know this magical world.

From catchy tunes to new compositions, our young concertgoers can explore different styles of classical music in four events. How do composers paint with sounds? And how does music make us sad or comfort us - without words? We will decipher this secret code together.

  • Brass Christmas
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Educational Services
Participating artists
Mitglieder der Berliner Philharmoniker und Gäste
Sarah Willis
Guillaume Jehl
Andre Schoch
Tamás Velenczei
Bertold Stecher
Josa Malich
Olaf Ott
Jonathon Robert Ramsay
Jesper Busk Sørensen
Stefan Schulz
Tomer Maschkowski
Alexander von Puttkamer
Franz Schindlbeck
Volker Eisenach
Schülerinnen und Schüler der Grundschule an der Peckwisch
Daria Kornysheva