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Little Red Riding Hood

Rotkäppchen © Fotos: Daniel Wetzel / KIKE Photography

What a neat girl, all walking innocence, what could possibly go wrong.... Well, we were told to remove this fairy tale from the children's program: Agitated parents had too much to explain to their charges afterwards. If you read it aloud, it is quite edifying. What one thinks about it remains private. But one carries it out word-for-word, it becomes explosive. Because this wolf has indeed only one thing in mind: ...

Right, the grandmother, what did you think? And how does he devour her in bed? Correct: With a single swallow, we'll be happy to play that for you. No one, not even the audience, walks out of this fairy tale as sinlessly virginal as they walked in. Let yourself be tempted with Little Red Riding Hood, get off the beaten track for a change, and discover the wolf in you!

The Bremen Town Musicians

The world-famous foursome who take the initiative to make more of their own lives, because "you can find something better than death anywhere!" A fairy tale about an incredible success story. However, as is well known, there are four heroes, which could lead to entertaining difficulties with two actors per fairy tale - so the audience may have to help out, so that this fairy tale succeeds.

The performance is suitable for ages 14 and up

(Program in German)
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Pfefferberg - Glaspalast