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Fäaschtbänkler create earworms. With lyrics that trigger feelings you want to hear again and again. That's why people go to their concerts, love their songs and can sing along to every single line of lyrics by heart. On Sunday, October 29, 2023, Fäaschtbänkler will play in the Kesselhaus of the Kulturbrauerei.

Their name has long been synonymous with folk-pop music 4.0, for genre-spanning pop hardstyleblow with folk music instruments, for fast-paced, unique genre mash-ups - and above all for exploding dance floors full to the brim.

The Fäaschtbänkler are sworn-in pop innovators who know all the tricks of the trade and great hitmakers with an unusual arsenal of instruments, mass entertainers with their feet on the ground and true dance rage visionaries.

Hits like "Can you english please," "Partyplanet" and "Humpa Humpa" have recently earned them platinum and gold awards in addition to view and stream figures in the triple-digit millions.

From the border triangle, Andreas Frei, Roman Wüthrich, Marco Graber, Michael Hutter and Roman Pizio have conquered the album charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with their last five albums.

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