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Horst Evers and Benedikt Eichhorn explain Berlin with a bag full of songs that did a shitty job.

On January 1st, 2001, something came over Berlin that had already led to considerable problems in many countries around the world: the arbitrary setting of new borders without regard to established structures. Tribes and populations were brought together that had no common language, no common background and no sense of belonging. The consequences are well known.

Evers and Eichhorn are declared opponents of the district reform and continue to play Berlin within the borders of 1998.

Horst Evers knows his way around the city. Which leads him to musically take care of the districts that merged into twelve districts in 2001. That might not sound interesting if Evers wasn't the author. Because anyone who knows the man with the red shirt and the pronounced sense of self-mockery knows: It will be fun!

Also present is the pianist Benedikt Eichhorn, in his other life Thomas Pigor's piano slave - here he speaks much more often.

 The duo sings about Berlin's districts - all of them. Many well-known district songs from Spandau to Marzahn, Weißensee to Treptow and a medley of the remaining districts meet newer lyrics from, about and around Berlin.

(Program in German)

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