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Evelinn Trouble plays with her all-female band live at the Maschinenhaus in the Kulturbrauerei on Thursday, March 09, 2023.

Evelinn Trouble
Evelinn Trouble © noelleguidon

What to do? When the heart stings & the soul trembles? When the days are a little too heavy & dark?

Some of us seek solace in drugs, Netflix, or a religion. And some of us seek comfort in music. And when we search there, there are few artists* who can catch you like Evelinn Trouble. Her distinctive voice has the ability to embrace you and immediately trigger a cathartic experience.

Her songs are gentle messages to lost souls; "I know how you feel and believe me, it will pass." And her songs can brew like a thunderstorm and rear like a dragon: wake-up calls carried by Trouble's manic expression, playful and terrifying at the same time. It's a phenomenon best seen live, when she's on stage with her all-female band.

About Evelinn Trouble

The daughter of a jazz singer, she learned her first standard ("Black Coffee") before she could walk, and from then on succumbed to the universal power of songs. As a rebellious teenager, she sought her own voice in loud grunge and rock bands, played and lived in the squats of her then hometown of Zurich. A place she left early to live as a nomad for her music. Changing her residence (&her hair color) as often as other people change socks and using her songwriting as an anchor; a logbook in restless travels.

In less than a decade, Trouble has produced five albums and four EP's, experimented with countless musical styles, and along the way created a vast sonic universe with a loyal fanbase. From industrial rock to dreamy piano ballads, from their psychdelic phase to their hip-hop tinged art-pop, no two releases in their catalog are alike. Trouble has always been a shape-shifter, a genre-fluid musician, and her fans appreciate being surprised by her. What city or sound will come next, no one knows. And yet, Trouble is always recognizable. Perhaps that's where the comfort is to be found.

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Kulturbrauerei, Maschinenhaus