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Christmas with Erdmöbel will be funny, melancholic, ironic, blasphemous and yet seriously festive. A real celebration! More precisely: a party!

Erdmöbel Promo

The band with the somewhat strange name has been mixing up the clubs of the national nightlife with their language attacks since 1995. In doing so, they consistently challenge every song form and also strain English lyrics to the utmost; this is when Tom Jones' "Whats New Pussycat" becomes "Was geht Muschikatz".

Erdmöbel are Markus Berges, Ekki Maas, Wolfgang Proppe and Christian Wübben. In the direction of upbeat pop music they experiment with everything they can find: Bossa Nova, Motown, Soul.... But the trademark is and remains the lyrics: sometimes lyrical, sometimes cryptic, but always unusual. All this is garnished by the relaxed expressive voice of Berger, who ponders over sophisticated arrangements of all sorts of blinking things, trout in strange places or lyrical treasures of official German.

With Erdmöbel, even the critics look forward to the concert for weeks. With melodious piano sounds, cleverly used wind arrangements and the wonderfully funny lyrics, one is animated to "look at things differently" and is also greatly entertained - it doesn't get any better than that!

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