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London-based singer/songwriter

Ella Grace spent her early years privately writing and playing music in her childhood bedroom in London. Straddling straddling modern folk and rock, citing influences from Wolf Alice to Aldous Harding, she started sharing videos of her music, and her journey as an artist, online.

Within a few years, the singer songwriter had built a dedicated audience of over 350,000 listeners. Taking a leap of faith, she dropped out of university and sent her demos to an independent record label in Leeds.

The result was a run of singles, culminating in ‘Wild Roads’, a whimsical folk anthem that became a runaway hit on streamers. The song has received over 3 million streams and featured in TV syncs for Fidelity Bank and Photobox.

In 2021, the independent singer-songwriter used the royalties from the single to record and self-release her 11-track debut album ‘Reverence’. The album explored themes of queerness and self-acceptance. It has been streamed over 20 million times, and received coverage in Wonderland, NOTION, Clash, GayTimes, and Diva Mag.

She is currently releasing a string of singles that exhibit a raw, grungier sound, starting with ‘Grace’ and followed by ‘Burn’.

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