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with Suse Wächter

In EINBLICKE: SPEZIAL to "Brecht's Ghosts" Suse Wächter introduces some of her puppets and tells about her working methods and the rehearsal process of the production. Together with her and a theater pedagogue from the Berliner Ensemble, the audience is invited to bring puppets to life and try out the basics of puppetry.

Szene aus Brechts Gespenster
Szene aus Brechts Gespenster Jörg Brüggemann

In the EINBLICKE: SPEZIAL format, different facets of the productions are illuminated by establishing encounters with the people who invent and produce them. This means that dramaturges, directors, actors, dancers, authors, make-up artists, prop masters and many others will present their work - sometimes unfinished - and invite you to slip into their profession.

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