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Dr. Stockmann discovers that the source of drinking and spa water is riddled with pathogenic micro-organisms, caused by industrial effluence. Stockmann wants to publish the findings in the newspaper and demands that the city council re-route the water pipes. Influential citizens and local journalists promise their support.

However, his brother Peter, the mayor, raises some serious concerns: The economic prosperity of the spa town will be threatened. Suddenly the support for Stockman from the town's policymakers begins to wane. They spread seeds of doubt about his plans and try to cover up the fact of the contaminated water. But Stockmann insists on transparency and intends to go public on the matter.
For him the affair has long since ceased to be about the polluted health spa, his target is society as a whole.

Ibsen's drama wavers on a fine line between honesty and fanaticism. What is the potential for transparency in a commercialised society?

150 minutes (without intermission)

By Henrik Ibsen, Direction: Thomas Ostermeier. In a version by Florian Borchmeyer.

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Additional information
Participating artists
Malte Beckenbach (Musik)
Florian Borchmeyer (Dramaturgie)
Daniel Freitag (Musik)
Henrik Ibsen (Autor)
Thomas Ostermeier (Regie)
Jan Pappelbaum (Bühne)
Erich Schneider (Licht)
Nina Wetzel (Kostüme)
Christoph Gawenda (Dr. Stockmann)
Konrad Singer (Stadtrat)
Genija Rykova (Frau Stockmann)
Laurenz Laufenberg (Hovstad)
Thomas Bading (Morten Kiil)
David Ruland (Aslaksen)
Moritz Gottwald (Billing)
Renato Schuch (Hovstad)