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Efraim Habermann died unexpectedly on 19 December 2023, before which he began planning this exhibition with the Carlos Hulsch Gallery, which is now being shown in his memory.

Habermann was born in Berlin in 1933 and emigrated with his parents to Palestine, then under British administration, to live with relatives when he was six years old. It was not until 1957 that he returned with his family for medical reasons. His father was seriously ill, but unfortunately succumbed to his illness. The move to Berlin was actually only planned temporarily, but Habermann stayed. He found a job as a technical draughtsman at Senat Bau-Wohnen. From the mid-1960s, he began working as a freelance photographer and had his first publications in the Tagesspiegel newspaper in Berlin.

"It's not the documentary image that inspires me, but the composition in the interplay of landscape, city and people," explains Efraim Habermann "This resulted in photographs of great formal rigour, restraint and stillness." There is no coincidence in his work: everything is arranged, held together by a well thought-out and planned composition. A selection of his works will be shown in this exhibition.

Habermann and the gallery had planned to open this exhibition on 2 November 2023. Due to the situation in the Middle East, Efraim Habermann asked for it to be postponed until 2024 and so the new date was set for 2 May 2024 in the hope that the Middle East conflict would be resolved by then.

Additional information
Opening: 02.05.2024  19 -21 Uhr
Mo-Sun 10 am – 10 pm