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Ades Zabel & Friends - OPEN AIR!

Best of revue plus Neukölln summer spectacle in the Hasenheide open-air cinema with Ades Zabel & guests. Edith Schröder celebrates her annual open air festival in the Waldbühne Neukölln, the Hasenheide open-air cinema.

Edith's Midsummer Night's Dream: a "best of" the wildest show numbers, peppered with ludicrous improvisations, hit songs and ecstatically dancing songs. Of course, Edith's best friends, pub landlady Jutta Hartmann and leggings boutique Biggi as well as various guests are also part of the party.

Edith's Midsummer Night's Dream - the open air for people who know where the rabbit is at!

Edith's Midsummer Night's Dream Special OPEN AIR on Sunday, July 16, 2023

  • 12:00 - Peter Scollin: THE CLOWN WHO LOST HIS CIRCUS - Children's Theatre
  • 1:00 p.m. - Jan the fairy tale magician: TOHUWABOHU, children's theatre
  • 6:00 p.m. - Ades Zabel & Friends: Edith's Midsummer Night's Dream
Free tickets are available from June 16, 2023 directly in the BKA presale or by email with the subject "SUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM FOR EVERYONE" to

Attention, you will receive a maximum of 2 tickets per person!


  • Open-air cinema Hasenheide | Hasenheide Public Park | Berlin-Neukölln
  • U7 Hermannplatz, U8 Boddinstrasse, Bus M29, M41, 171, 344, 194
  • Access: Hasenheide opposite Jahnstraße, Hermannstraße/Karlsgartenstraße or Columbiadamm opposite Columbiabad

(Program in German)
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