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Film & Talk

Only a few weeks after the fall of the Wall, in February 1990, an unprecedented newspaper experiment started in Berlin, which was still divided, and which has been completely forgotten. The first East-West German newspaper cooperation.

With the help of the West Berlin “tageszeitung”, a young East team of enthusiastic amateurs began to implement what was previously impossible in this country in the rooms of the Central Committee of the SED in the still capital of the GDR.

Two GDR art scholars, Jürgen Kuttner and André Meier, are the leading journalists who get the trust of their West taz colleagues to implement this project. The reorganization of all things suddenly allows "doing everything differently".

The film MAKE EVERYTHING DIFFERENT - THE SHORT LIFE OF THE OST-TAZ describes a new, exciting look at the system upheaval of 1989/90 and goes in search of traces of this forgotten chapter of German-German newspaper history. In this film, photographer and director Michael Biedowicz meets former colleagues from West and East and explores how they experienced the dramatic time of change when newspapers were still made with typewriters, paper and scissors, but did not yet have to fear for their relevance.

The film will be followed by a discussion with the photographer and curator of the special exhibition SIDE WINGS. Berlin Prenzlauer Berg 1992 – 1997, Christine Kisorsy, the director and photographer Michael Biedowicz and the protagonist Anja Maier.

D, 2023
Directed, written and narrated by MICHAEL BIEDOWICZ
Script and production ANNEKATRIN HENDEL
Image design BERND FISCHER (BVK), editing MAX MARTENS

A joint production by Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg and IT WORKS MEDIEN.

Funded by the Federal Foundation for the Reappraisal of the SED Dictatorship.
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